An Outline of Kawazu Town

Located in the south of the Izu Peninsula, in eastern Shizuoka, Kawazu Town is rich in natural beauty, such as the ocean, mountains and hot springs. Parts of Kawazu Town are located within Fuji Hakone Izu National Park. A clear stream, running south from the Amagi Mountains has created many beautiful valleys and waterfalls in Kawazu. Kawazu’s mild climate is perfect for cultivating flowers with irises and carnations, among others, flourishing here. Kawazu is home to Kawazu-zakura(Kawazu cherry blossom trees), which bloom several weeks earlier than other varieties.

Kawazu Town Office address: 212-2 Tanaka Kawazu Town Kamo-gun Shizuoka pref.
Coordinate: latitude 34.45°N, longitude 138.59°E
Area: 100.79㎢
Population: 7,998 (2010 census)
Climate: mild, average annual temperature: 16.1℃


From Narita Airport
Narita Express: Narita to Tokyo, about 60mins
At Tokyo Station, change to Tokaido Shinkansen: Tokyo to Atami, about 50 min
At Atami, change to JR Ito Line: Atami to Kawazu, about 105 min
Alternatively, at Tokyo Station, change to Express Odoriko (for Shimoda): Tokyo to Kawazu
,about 160 min

From Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport
Airport Limousine Bus: to Shiuoka Station, about 40 min
Tokaido Shinkansen: from Shizuoka Station to Atami Station, about 40 min
At Atami, change to JR Ito Line: Atami to Kawazu, about 105 min

kawazu town map

Sightseeing Spots

Kawazu cherry blossom trees (Kawazu-zakura)

Kawazu is home to a special early-bloomig variety of cherry blossoms, which can be seen from late January to early March. These cherry blossoms are an especially vibrant shade of pink and bloom for much longer than ordinary cherry blossoms, Someiyoshino. Kawazu River, which flows through the center of the town, is lined with cherry blossoms for about four kilometers.
“The annual Kawazu-zakura Festival”is the town’s biggest event and attracts over one million visitors every year.

Kawazu Seven Falls (Kawazu Nanadaru)

Kawazu Nanadaru is the name for a group of seven waterfalls located along a 1.5 kilometer stretch of the upper Kawazu River. The river and its seven unique waterfalls are a refreshing and revitalizing sight for visitors all throughout the year. A hiking trail is maintained along the river. In Kawazu, these waterfalls are given the special name ‘taru’ or ‘daru’ instead of the usual ‘taki’.

Kawazu Bagatelle Rose Garden

Kawazu Bagatelle Rose Garden is modeled after the original Bagatelle Rose Garden in Paris. Over six thousand roses, of around 1,100 varieties, are laid out in beautiful symmetrical patterns in this authentic French-style garden. There are an assortment of shops and restaurants in the garden.
Flower season: April 28 – November 30

Kawazu Iris Garden

In Kawazu Iris Garden, the combination of hot spring water and a mild climate causes the irises to bloom earlier than average. Over 25,000 irises of about 80 varieties are grown here.
Open: May 1 – Mid June

Kawazu Carnation Garden

Over 13,500 carnations of 393 varieties are grown in 1,500 ㎡ of greenhouses. Many new types of carnation, which are not available in shops, are cultivated here.
Open: the third Sunday of December – the second Sunday of May

Mine Geyser Park

In Mine Geyser Park, you can enjoy the sight of hot springs gushing over 30 meters into the air. You can even experience boiling your own eggs in the hot water. The park’s mascot is called “Funto-kun”, meaning “Mr. Geyser”.
Odoriko Hiking Trail You can follow the same trail as the characters in the Nobel Prize winner author Kawabata Yasunari’s famous novel “Izu-no-odoriko (The Dancing Girl Of Izu ). The trail from Suishochishita to Yugano takes four and a half hours to complete. There are many scenic spots along the way, such as Old Amagi Tunnel, valleys, rows of cedar trees and waterfalls.

Old Amagi Tunnel

Old Amagi Tunnel is the longest stone tunnel in Japan, and is an important national cultural property. The tunnel’s length is 445.5 meters.

Imaihama Beach

This shallow beach is made of beautiful white sand and lined with pine trees. The beach is a popular spot for swimmers during the summer months.

Tourist Information

Kawazu Tourist Association(Kawazu Visitor Center)
TEL 0558-32-0290 FAX 0558-34-0864